When it comes to producing virtual events, selecting the right company can be a daunting task. If you produce a fair amount of online events, you probably already have various virtual event production companies clamoring for your attention and your business. So what makes Worktank stand out from the crowd?

1. Founded from Video Production Roots

That’s right, back before virtual events were a thing we were hard at work as a video production company. Our reputation for producing high quality videos and efficiently capturing a company’s message made expanding into virtual event production a breeze. After all, when you are dealing with a virtual audience, presentation is everything. Our background allows us to give clients recommendations on everything from presenter attire to lighting and camera angles. Our attention to even the smallest visual details will help turn your virtual event into a success.

2. We are Geeky About Technology

Ensuring your virtual event goes off without a hitch is obviously a number one priority. Our passion for all things technology means we spend a lot of time familiarizing ourselves with various virtual event platforms. This is important because not all platforms are equal. Each one has their own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this ahead of time allows our team members to steer clients in the right direction to guarantee that the virtual event platform selected will meet your needs.

3. Proven Track Record of Successful Virtual Events

When you are browsing virtual event production companies, take a look at their track record. You want reliable hands managing the production of your online event. The last thing you want is to be a test dummy for an inexperienced start-up. Worktank has been in the virtual events business for over 15 years. Over those years we have successfully run more than 20,000 virtual events for clients such as Microsoft, Autodesk, Kraft Foods, Deloitte, Infusion, Fluke, Invisalign, and more.

4. We offer Flexible Services

We understand that each company has their own goals, budgets, and procedures when it comes to virtual events. That is why we don’t offer cookie-cutter virtual event production plans. When you reach out to us our first priority is to get to know you and your goals. Based on that information we tailor a customized plan to meet your needs. So whether you need full-service event production services, or are looking for a partner to fill in gaps your in-house team can’t handle, Worktank is here for you.

Put Your Virtual Events in Capable Hands

If you are serious about using virtual events to accomplish business goals, you need to invest in a company that takes the time to understand those goals. You will find right from the get-go that Worktank’s knowledge, customer service, and attention to detail is a breath of fresh air. When it comes to managing virtual event productions, leave your company in the right hands. Give us a call at 1.877.975.8265 or fill out our online form to get the conversation started.

Leslie Leslie

Leslie Rugaber, CEO

As CEO, Leslie is a driving force behind the overall vision of Worktank, and is responsible for company strategy and culture. Learn more about Leslie.