What Your Company Meetings Say About You

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Everything from the way your employees greet each other in the morning to how your office is designed says something about your company and its culture. Meetings, in particular, can tell you a lot about an organization, and how people feel about it.

Your Company Meeting Atmosphere is Indicative of Your Company Culture

For instance, if your meetings are focused, productive and collaborative, you’re likely to find those same characteristics throughout your company. However, if your meetings fail to start and end on time, the team often leaves feeling frustrated, or attendees seem reluctant to participate, your meetings could be sending a very different message about the rest of your company.

Not sure you like what your company meetings say about your company? Here are a few of the most common bad meeting habits and suggestions for breaking them that will have your company culture back on track in no time.

Are your Company Meetings Focused and Productive?

If your meetings are disorganized, lack tangible goals and have a tendency to drift off topic, this can send the message that your company lacks direction and purpose. It also drains everyone’s energy and can hurt morale.

To ensure your meetings are productive, distribute an agenda to all attendees in advance. An effective agenda sets clear expectations for the attendees, so everyone involved knows what the objective is and understands what needs to happen before and during the meeting. It will dictate the allotted time, ensure you are all on the same page, and set you up for success.

Do Your Company Meetings Start and End On Time?

If your meetings frequently start more than 5 minutes late, or they run over by more than 15 minutes, this can send the message that your company is disorganized and inefficient. It also shows a lack of respect for people’s time.

When running a meeting, always arrive early and start on time, even if all attendees are not present. By doing so, you show your colleagues that you are prepared and that tardiness is not tolerated. If you find you easily lose track of time, set an alarm on your phone or other device to alert you 10 minutes before the meeting’s scheduled end time.

Is Communication Open and Collaborative?

If your meetings are dominated by some individuals, while others rarely speak up, or worse, people are yelling, insulting or talking over one another, this sends a message that you are not a team. It also creates a competitive, stressful and miserable work environment.

To encourage participation, ask individuals for their opinions throughout the meeting, and dedicate time for questions. By promoting this behavior in meetings, you are also encouraging colleagues to ask questions and contribute their ideas elsewhere in the company, which will help create a supportive and innovative company culture.

Do You Experience Video Conference Glitches?

If your meeting attendees are spread throughout the state, nation, or even globe, and you experience video lag, audio issues or other technical glitches during your online meetings, this can send the message that your company is not ready for growth. It also undermines confidence in the company.

To ensure all parties within your team or company have equal access to the information you are distributing, use a reliable virtual meeting management company, such as Worktank. We will work hard to ensure each participant’s time is respected, and company-wide collaboration is encouraged—not hindered—during all company meetings.

To find out how we can help your company, contact us or call (877) WRKTANK.

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