A webcast is a video meeting or presentation tool that is distributed over the internet using streaming high-quality video, audio, and communication technologies. Webcasts can either be distributed live or on demand depending upon a client’s needs.  
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How do webcast services benefit my business?

Corporate webcasting is typically used for business functions where it is not feasible to meet in person. Perhaps your company has multiple locations nationally or even world-wide. Corporate Webcasts allow companies to affordably hold meetings without the headaches of selecting a meeting location, flying in employees, and other travel expenses. They also allow your company to reach a wider audience. If you have a substantial remote workforce, utilizing a webcast service can ensure no one misses out on key information. Webcasts are ideal for briefings, executive communications, board meetings, training, town hall meetings, seminars, product updates, lectures, all-hands and company meetings, and more.


“The Worktank team is prepared, they're on time, reliable and very capable no matter what ​is thrown at them.”

Business Manager, Microsoft Legal Affairs

Increase Company-Wide Communication with Worktank's Webcast Services

Selecting the right webcast solutions company is important. No one wants to have their webcast interrupted with technical issues such as loss of sound or poor video quality. When you need to reach out to a remote audience, Worktank is your go-to partner to ensure the entire event lifecycle goes off without a hitch. Worktank has over 20 years’ experience providing companies like Microsoft with reliable webcast solutions. We have a track record of solving a company’s previous technical issues, improving user experience, and increasing webcast attendees.

Full-Service Webcast Service Provider

Our experienced production team is capable of managing all aspects of your webcast including registration, onsite video crew, hosting and transmission, viewer interaction, analytics, and more. Our flexible solutions will save you time, make your presenters look great, and deliver high-quality experiences for your online attendees. Essentially, we manage all the details so you can focus on your message. Our webcast services include:
  • Pre-event consultation - platform selection, show flow planning and logistics
  • Partnership with internal IT teams - consultation, live-stream testing, bandwidth solutions
  • Registration services
  • Meeting invite templates
  • Presenter training and dry-run
  • Professional on-site video crew
  • Secure, branded webcast platform (your license or ours)
  • Remote Presenter Integration
  • Live Technical support
  • Interactive user participation - chat, polls, and Q&A
  • Digital recording and archiving
  • Reporting and analytics

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