What are Webcast Registration Services?

At Worktank, we manage every aspect of your webcast, starting with our comprehensive webcast registration services. This includes creating a branded registration webpage for your event or series of events, sending reminder emails to webcast registrants, and establishing an on-demand page after the event for viewing the webcast recording. We work with you to customize the fields on the registration form so you get the information you need, and provide you with self-service reporting so you can view attendance numbers as often as you like.

What are the Benefits of Webcast Registration Services?

The registration process is the first touchpoint for your webcast guests. If it’s not done right, you risk losing audience members before you even get started. A well-designed registration page not only promotes your webcast and encourages sign ups, it allows you to capture valuable information about your attendees and gather feedback so that you can properly address their needs during the webcast. By using a company that specializes in webcast registration services, you can focus on your presentation, instead of managing attendee lists and sending out email reminders. You can even use promo codes to track which marketing efforts are most successful at driving traffic to your registration page.

Why Partner with Worktank for Webcast Registration Services?

Worktank saves you time by building and managing your webcast registration page for you. We have more than 15 years of experience with webcast registration services and our dedicated Event Managers can provide guidance and recommendations on how to structure your registration page for maximum effectiveness. Our webcast registration services include the following:

    • Branded Registration Page with your company logo and form fields of your choice
    • Promo Codes to track various marketing efforts
    • Automated Email Reminders customized to meet your needs
    • Self-Service Reporting to view attendance numbers 24 hours a day
    • On-Demand Page for registrants to view the webcast recording once the event is complete

We also offer a Webcast Series Registration Page, which allows attendees to register for multiple events on a single form, as well as completely custom-designed registration pages. Contact us for more information, or call 1-877-WRKTANK to speak with an Event Manager.


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