All-hands and company meetings

When it comes time to roll out a new initiative, recap a month or quarter’s activity, or respond to an immediate issue impacting the company, ensuring all parties within the company have equal access to the information is crucial. When these parties are spread throughout the state, nation, or even globe, it is important to have a reliable online meeting set-up established. This is where our virtual meeting services come into play.

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Virtual Meeting Management Services

Worktank’s virtual meeting management team goes far beyond basic AV setup and tech support. We want your online meeting participants to feel like they are sitting face-to-face with the leadership team. We work hard to ensure each participant’s time is respected, and company-wide collaboration is encouraged—not hindered—during your virtual company meetings.

  • Meeting invite templates to make scheduling your meeting simple
  • Pre-event registration services to help gauge attendance and crowdsource the content
  • Secure, branded online environment for remote participants to watch and interact
  • Professional video crew to capture and stream your meeting
  • Digital recording for those who can’t attend live
  • Reporting to show attendance and interactivity
  • Partnership with any internal IT teams to ensure proper delivery strategies are in place

“The Worktank team is prepared, they're on time, reliable and very capable no matter what ​is thrown at them.”

Business Manager, Microsoft Legal Affairs

Virtual Meeting Support

In the business world, time is money. This means it is important to not waste precious time and money trying to troubleshoot an online meeting. Worktank’s Virtual Meeting Support gives companies the peace of mind that all aspects of the all hands meeting environment are properly configured, able to scale up to high-quality camera feeds, and redundant hardware installed to ensure that risks are properly mitigated prior to participants joining. When it comes to your virtual all hands or company meetings, Workank will focus on the technical details so you can focus on getting down to business.

Worktank's Support Services

Our experienced production team is capable of managing all aspects of your webcast including registration, onsite video crew, hosting and transmission, viewer interaction, analytics, and more. Our flexible solutions will save you time, make your presenters look great, and deliver high-quality experiences for your online attendees. Essentially, we manage all the details so you can focus on your message. Our webcast services include:

  • Consultation on the virtual environment to fit your meeting's needs
  • Set-up and coordination of the virtual room and/or crew at the venue
  • Technical dry-runs and testing with remote presenters
  • Creation of invitations
  • Onsite equipment needed to ensure a cannot fail experience
  • Interactivity for participants: polls, surveys, chats and video feed
  • Digital recording of meeting for future use
  • Report outlining attendance and any attendee interactivity
Reliable Virtual Meeting Management for Your Business Bringing your virtual team together is our specialty. Handling skype calls, broadcasting all-hands meetings, and working with IT to ensure all goes well is our specialty. Interested in getting started? Complete the form below to discuss a custom virtual meeting service plan that will meet your company’s needs.
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