5 Most-Watched Types of Video Content

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Whether you like it or not, video marketing is not going anywhere. In fact, technology and marketing forecasters alike expect video content to account for more than 80% of Internet traffic by 2020. In order for brands to continue to engage with their audience, they’ll simply have to embrace the video culture.

Early adopters are already reaping the rewards of video marketing in terms of social media shares, search engine optimization, ROI and more, but they’ve also passed a benefit onto the rest of us – they’ve figured out what works.

When you’re ready to take the video plunge, stick with these top 5 most-watched types of video content to win over your audience.

The video blog is a great way to break into video marketing because it’s a natural progression from the blog posts that you’re probably already doing. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive to produce. Rather than writing about a topic, simply talk to your audience about it. You don’t need a lot of flash either. Vlogs are personality-driven, which means the videos that get the most engagement are the ones that come off as the most human.

If sitting in front of the video camera all by yourself feels a bit intimidating, consider a video interview. Bonus: audiences love interviews, too. Much like when a famous actor is scheduled to appear on a late night talk show, people will tune in to hear what your guest has to say – provided both the topic and the interviewee are interesting. Another benefit of interviews is that guests often share the video with their audience, which can help grow your brand awareness.

Educational Webinars & Tutorials
An educational webinar is simply a seminar conducted over the Web, and it’s a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. If you’re not comfortable appearing on camera, you can sometimes get away with simply using a PowerPoint presentation and other visuals. Of course, if you aren’t camera shy, tutorials are the way to go. How many times have you stopped to watch a makeup how-to or other helpful tutorial in your own social media scrolling?

Product Reviews
People love product reviews, in part, because they are like a live testimonial and a how-to all rolled into one. Consider shooting a product comparison video, showing your product in use side-by-side with that of a competitor. If your audience trusts you, they will rely on your recommendation instead of trying to figure it out for themselves. Better yet, see if you can get your customers to appear on camera for a product review and video testimonial.

Behind the Scenes
Many businesses think they need a professional recording studio and acting classes to share videos with their audience, but the truth is, informal videos perform better because they seem more relatable. The success of behind-the-scenes videos is proof of that. Take your audience on a tour of the office, capture video of the company softball game, or share footage of your team volunteering in the community. People prefer to do business with companies that seem more human and less money-hungry.

Ready to Start Video Marketing?

The biggest obstacles to video production are cost and creativity, but with these top 5 most-watched video content ideas and a little help from Worktank’s video production team, you’ll soon be crushing the competition. Worktank offers video production, editing services and presenter coaching, as well as flexible solutions to fit any budget.

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