Leaning Into Worktank’s 20th Year

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When we wrapped 2019, it gave us pause. Not just because it was the close of a decade, but because it marked the end of our nineteenth year as a successful woman-owned business with a commitment to excellence and a global reach.

Now in our twentieth year, we reflect on the incredible number of wonderful clients and co-workers we have worked with, and the amazing projects, events and engagements, of which we have been a part. It’s been an extraordinary two decades, and in a world that seems a bit more perplexing every day, we are reminded to be grateful for all the goodness around us.

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In 2019 alone, Worktank made it possible for tens of thousands of employees to hear from their leaders and connect with one another using innovative technology, stellar project management, communication excellence, and a little bit of good fortune to bring it altogether. We shaped corporate messaging into compelling strategic narratives, coached nervous nellies into poised presenters, climbed dozens of ladders to hang hundreds of lights, captured millions of decibels of audio, and effectively streamlined communication across industries and around the world. And it has truly been an honor.

As we lean into Worktank’s twentieth year, it’s clear we love what we do. Though we drink gallons of coffee, wake hours before the morning news, and tally more frequent flier miles than we know what to do with, our team sees each project as a gift, and approaches each and every one like there is no other.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey as we celebrate this milestone anniversary. Throughout the year, we will publish stories of the amazing clients we’ve cherished as our partners over the course of two decades. We’ll share some learnings and some laughs, but most of all, we’ll share our gratitude for your trust in our mighty Worktank team.

Here’s to an awesome twentieth year in 2020!

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Leslie Leslie

Leslie Rugaber, CEO

As CEO, Leslie is a driving force behind the overall vision of Worktank, and is responsible for company strategy and culture. Learn more about Leslie.

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