If you are putting together a conference or corporate event, you most likely want it to be experienced by as many individuals as possible. If you are wondering how to grow your audience or improve company-wide communication; utilizing a live streaming service can be the perfect solution. Here are five reasons you should take advantage of live streaming for your next conference or corporate event:

1. Live streaming Engages a Larger Audience

The main attraction to live streaming corporate events is it allows companies to spread their message far and wide to all corners of the globe in a budget-friendly manner. If you are a company with clients or employees all over the state, country, or globe, arranging a physical gathering can be impractical. Live streaming the event allows those who are unable to attend to still participate in the conversation and stay informed.


2. Increase Future Attendance by Live Streaming Corporate Events

Worried that live-streaming your corporate event will decrease your event’s physical attendance? In reality, a live stream acts as an introduction to newcomers. It allows them to learn who you are and what your event is all about. This inspires virtual attendees to physically attend the conference the following year. According to recent studies, 15-30% of virtual attendees will attend the physical event the following year. This makes live streaming an extremely cost effective marketing tool to drive physical attendance.

3. Ability to Utilize Diverse Content

Live streaming is not limited to just streaming audio and video. In addition to video and audio you can leverage other content forms such as text, live chat, photos and more. Not everyone learns the same so implementing different content forms is a great way to engage your diverse audience and drive your lessons home.

4. Archive Your Conference’s Content

Live streaming also means recording your event, allowing it to be archived and used in the future for many different purposes such as social media posts, follow-up emails, blog posts on your website, marketing campaigns, and more. By uploading your event or conference to platforms such as YouTube you also allow those who couldn’t attend or watch live to hear your message at a later date that is convenient for them. In short, live streaming your next corporate event is a great tool for maximizing the value of your organization’s digital strategy.

5. Gain Insightful Information from Analytics

With live streaming, you can instantly have access to analytical and tracking tools. This allows companies to measure the impact of conferences and corporate events. Useful metrics such as engagement, the number of viewers, and customer behavior can give you insightful information to help improve future corporate events and shape your content strategy.


Live streaming your next corporate event or conference is a proven tool to help businesses connect with a wide audience. The important thing to remember is that the quality of your video and presentation is going to have a huge impact on the success of your event and how your audience perceives your brand. Make sure you are sending the right message by enlisting the help of the live streaming professionals at Worktank.

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