Webcasting is being utilized by companies of all sizes in order to expand the reach and impact of key events, meetings, and ideas. Live streaming events allow you to reach audiences around the world with your message in a cost-effective manner. While smaller webcasts can be efficiently managed in-house, often larger webcasts are more complex. These types of webcasts involve a lot of time, dedication, and experience. Here are 5 benefits of hiring a webcast management company for your next virtual event:

First impressions matter, and technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Is your video equipment more than a few years old? If so, chances are you are missing out on the ability to capture the latest video quality standards like 4K. Rather than having to budget for yearly equipment upgrades, why not let the pros handle it? Webcast management companies will have access to the latest and greatest equipment and technologies so you don’t have to worry about appearing outdated or behind the times when you launch your online event.

2. Save Time

Larger-scale webcasts often involve a lot of moving parts such as video, slideshows, audio, and audience communication. This means your webcast will require a significant amount of logistical planning. In addition, learning how to work a new webcast platform and ensuring that it will meet your needs takes a lot of man-hours. Time is money, so why not leave the logistics to experts capable of efficiently managing your webcasts? Webcast management companies like Worktank have experience with many of the top platforms such as Microsoft Skype for Business or Webcaster. They know what works and what doesn’t, as well as the areas where technical issues are most likely to occur. The time and effort saved by leaving it to the pros will allow you to focus on other business concerns, like crafting the right content or closing another big deal.

3. Experience

Webcast management companies work tirelessly to ensure that thousands of webcasts are streamed online without a hitch. With their many years of experience, webcast services companies have seen it all. Slides rendering incorrectly, audio not working, videos not playing, attendees coming unmuted and disrupting the presentation- you name it they have handled it. Their mission is to prevent technical issues from derailing your webcast. And if something should go wrong, they have the expertise to quickly correct the situation to set your virtual event back on course. The right company will also suggest effective webcast management techniques, tips, and best practices to ensure a successful event.

4. Creative Webcast Solutions

No two companies are exactly alike, so why should your webcasts be any different? Often webcast management companies offer specific platforms that may or may not have all the capabilities you are looking for. Perhaps you have a particular webcast that will have 1,000 attendees but your webcast license only allows 100. Or perhaps you want to incorporate closed captioning into your online event. A webcast management company like Worktank is able to come up with creative solutions to ensure your needs are met.

5. Flexibility

Companies that specialize in managing webcasts are often very flexible. They are as excited to take on complete webcast management as they are to work with your in-house teams to fill in any gaps they may have. These gaps frequently occur when a company doesn’t have the equipment, manpower, time, or knowledge in a particular area to ensure the job gets done in time. The right webcast service providers will get to know your company’s goals and implement a highly-tailored webcast management approach to achieve them.

Worktank is a professional webcast management and virtual event production company with over 16 years of experience. They have a track record of solving their client’s problems, increasing the number of attendees, and improving user interaction. If you are looking to take your webcasts to the next level, contact Worktank today to request a quote.

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