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Educate Your Customers & Colleagues

Training is essential to maintaining an effective workforce, but, if your team is dispersed, it can be costly to get everyone in one place. Likewise, trade shows are a great way to connect with and educate your customers, but they also involve cost-prohibitive travel. In both instances, video training can save you time and money, but needs to be highly interactive to have the desired impact.

At Worktank, we provide you with an Engagement Strategy designed to increase attention and retention, and make online learning more engaging through the use of chat, Q&A gamification, polls and other collaboration tools. We also offer a full suite of Video Production Services, making it easy to live stream your trainings, as well as record your webcasts and webinars for on-demand playback and sharing.

Online Training & Virtual Learning

Develop a more effective workforce by generating an organization of lifelong learners. Build employee knowledge, grow skill sets and a more competitive edge; and reward those efforts by tracking credits for continuing education and certification.

  • On-Board New Hires & HR Compliance
  • Continuing Education & Certification
  • Sales Training


man using laptop on wood desk
man using laptop on wood desk

Educational Webinars & Webcasts

Educate your customers and potential buyers about your products & services, and ensure they get the most value from your solutions.

  • Product Education
  • Membership Benefits
  • How-To's & Tutorials

Our Services

Women video conferencing on laptop

Engagement Strategy

We help you create educational content that increases attention and retention, and brings the immersive and interactive nature of a trade show or physical classroom to virtual learners with innovative engagement tools.

Women video conferencing on laptop

Webcasts & Webinars

Worktank can partner with your A/V and IT departments or provide a comprehensive live video solution for webcasts & webinars. From lighting, sound and camera work to technical direction and bandwidth, we ensure the highest quality video production.

Women video conferencing on laptop

On-Demand Video Production

Our video recording, editing, and content hosting services allow you to record and share your educational videos across multiple platforms, making it reusable, recyclable, and easy for your customers and employees to review, reply and share with others.

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We meet with you to discuss your needs and define your objectives. Then, we develop a thoughtful and engaging communications plan to ensure your goals are met.



We use an audience-centric approach, creative design, and branding integration to make messages memorable, and to help your audience engage in even more meaningful ways.



We blend rock-solid technology approaches and years of experience with exciting new engagement tools and delivery methods to help you reach your employees, partners, and customers.


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