Internal Communications

Connect Your Team

The flexibility of today’s work environment creates barriers to the cohesiveness of organizations and the teams within them. Those nearby for a key announcement learn the news, but what if the message doesn't get shared beyond that, or worse yet, gets shared incorrectly.

At Worktank, we provide you with a proactive strategy which includes a Communications Roadmap to ensure your message is on point, and gets to the right people, quickly and accurately. We also offer a full suite of Production Services to keep everyone informed and engaged with ease, and in ways far superior to plain old boring email.


Virtual Town Halls & Executive Announcements

There's no better way to communicate strategic information and keep your remote workforce informed and engaged than dynamic, live, interactive events.
  • Leadership Announcements
  • Town Halls
  • All-Hands Meetings
man using laptop on wood desk
man using laptop on wood desk

Video Messages & Internal Podcasts

Why not replace company-wide email announcements with pre-recorded videos, and make your messages memorable and easy to consume? Who wants to read another lengthy email, right?

  • Consumer Sales Wins
  • Quarterly Revenue Updates
  • New Initiative Launches
  • Updated Customer Offerings

Our Services

Women video conferencing on laptop

Communications Strategy

Worktank helps you define your objective and craft compelling content across a variety of distribution channels. We also offer speaker training, and provide you with unique and memorable ways to interact and engage with your team.

Women video conferencing on laptop

Live & Almost-Live Event Streaming

Worktank can partner with your existing A/V and IT departments or provide a comprehensive streaming video solution. From lighting, sound and camera work to technical direction and bandwidth, we ensure the highest quality production for your team, delivered with ease.

Women video conferencing on laptop

Video Production

Worktank’s experienced production team is equipped with the latest audio, video, lighting and green screen technology, as well as editing software and content hosting services.

Engage with Worktank



We meet with you to discuss your needs and define your objectives. Then, we develop a thoughtful and engaging communications plan to ensure your goals are met.



We use an audience-centric approach, creative design, and branding integration to make messages memorable, and to help your audience engage in even more meaningful ways.



We blend rock-solid technology approaches and years of experience with exciting new engagement tools and delivery methods to help you reach your employees, partners, and customers.


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