So you can focus on your message.

“The Worktank team is prepared, they're on time, reliable and very capable no matter what ​is thrown at them.”

Business Manager, Microsoft Legal Affairs

One Vendor, Scalable Solutions

More than just technical experts, we are truly a strategic partner. We help you think through how to effectively communicate and engage with your audience – beginning with the end in mind – and we offer creative solutions to ensure your meeting experience is memorable, as well as professional.

With streaming media and webcast services at our core, Worktank offers a holistic approach to virtual event planning, production and delivery.

Using this three-tier approach, we help you:

  • Develop a communications plan and define your message
  • Design a creative and engaging presentation
  • Deliver your message flawlessly anywhere in the world


Connect to your audience with purpose, passion and relevance. We develop thoughtful and engaging communication plans, including content appropriate for your audience, demand generation, and other awareness activities, to ensure your communication goals are met.

  • Communications Roadmaps
  • Audience Analysis & Recommendations
  • Event Engagement
  • Presenter Training


Your messages need to resonate far beyond the meeting end. We use an audience-centric approach, creative design and branding integration to make messages memorable, and to help your audience engage in even more unique and meaningful ways.

  • Creative Development
  • Production Design
  • Branding & Graphics
  • Media Production


The technical aspects of your project need to be flawless. Our team brings expertise spanning tens of thousands of virtual events. We blend rock-solid technology approaches with exciting new engagement tools and delivery methods to reach employees, partners and customers.

  • Pre-Event Setup
  • Live Event Support
  • Post-Event Analytics

Types of Virtual Events

We help you deliver your message and delight with technology that’s reliable, flexible, and scalable. Plus, we give you just one point of contact to guide you at every step.



Bring the world to one location. Our on-site audio and video technology makes it easy to get everyone in the same room and on the same page:

  • Scalable on-site production services for higher production value
  • Frictionless communication (live streaming or on-demand)
  • Increased audience engagement and attendance


Nothing’s more personal than seeing someone live. Except interacting live. Our fully remote webinars let you easily collaborate and engage with anyone. Anywhere.

  • Educate: train employees, partners and customers
  • Market: generate leads and drive conversions
  • Grow: boost revenue and fuel future growth


Imagine if everyone could sit face-to-face with your leadership team. We make sure your virtual platform and the room are set up perfectly, so you can smoothly roll out that new initiative, recap quarterly activity, or respond to critical issues. On time. Every time.

  • Encourage company-wide communication
  • Save time and money on unnecessary travel
  • Provide equal access to critical information


Our team’s worked all around the world. Interviews, documentaries, training, and more. You can also maximize on your virtual event investment by making your content available after the event.

  • Production
  • Branding and Design
  • Editing

Industries We Serve

At Worktank, we work with organizations in a variety of industries to plan, produce and deliver engaging and professional virtual events.

  • Government
  • Management Consulting
  • Medical/Dental
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

Getting Started Is Easy.


1. Give us a call

​We listen to your goals and challenges. Then, we custom design a comprehensive solution to fit your exact needs.


2. We'll create a plan

Whatever your goals, we’ll get you there. Audience engagement and analysis. Lead capture. Content creation. Streaming video. Virtual town halls. Yep, we've got you covered for all that and so much more.


3. Kick off the fun

From big picture strategy (think communications roadmaps) to specific broadcast streaming events, we handle it all. From registration to recording, from show flow to analytics, we’re immersed in the detail without losing sight of the big picture.