Gratitude 2020: The Perks of Great Partners

Have you been part of any successful business partnerships lately? What does it take to make a really good one?

Shared goals are a good place to start. Add in some complementary service offerings, so you benefit each other, and don’t forget communicating clear expectations. Oh, and it’s a bonus if the company cultures align, too.

How can we be so sure? Because that’s exactly what happened when Worktank partnered with Mighty Media Studios and Team Soapbox in December.

All Hands on Deck for First Ever All-Hands Meeting
In the fall of 2019, a well-known northwest healthcare enterprise turned to Team Soapbox for help streaming their first ever All-Hands Meeting. Team Soapbox knew how important it was to make this inaugural streaming event a spectacular success, so they pulled together a stellar team.

Team Soapbox first reached out to Mighty Media to organize the online event at Microsoft’s Production Studios, and Mighty in turn recommended Worktank’s VE Connect platform. The Worktank VE Connect service typically includes a customized, branded web location for the meeting, attendee registration, a sign-in landing page in advance of and after the streaming event, interactive Q&A, live closed-captions, polling, links to additional resources, and social media integration. Much of these features were in play for this important event.

Live Video Streaming with Interactivity
When Worktank’s Director of Technology Strategy, Brian Snyder, heard Team Soapbox wanted a higher level of interactivity for the audience, Brian saw a great opportunity to bring in one of our favorite service partners, MeetingPulse, and the interface was embedded into the VE Connect meeting page. With the contributions of Worktank’s John McDonald and the MeetingPulse Development Team, interactivity for the audience was enhanced and detailed feedback was able to be captured by the meeting organizers.

“With viewing rooms all over the country steaming the meeting, we soon realized the Q&A interactivity on the webpage wouldn’t be enough to capture information from rooms full of people,” noted John. “However, we were able to quickly convert the MeetingPulse URL into a QR code and attendees were able to login via their mobile phones to provide important meeting feedback in real time.”

The producers from Team Soapbox were thrilled that the MeetingPulse analytics report enabled them to receive participant information regarding the number of engaged attendees in each meeting room, and the feedback they wanted to share. MeetingPulse enabled accurate polling results as well as a detailed log of all Q&A.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
We know online event production can get complex and require a number of strategic partners to enable the fullest return on investment for the client. The team at Worktank was honored to play a role in this success.

“Worktank has been an awesome partner to us throughout this event,” said Molly Michal, Community Coordinator for Team Soapbox. “It was a good experience for Team Soapbox, our client’s leadership, and their internal audience. This kind of live webcast all-hands meeting is new to our client, and they are excited to bring their employee engagement into the 21st century.”

We, at Worktank, are grateful for partners like Team Soapbox, Mighty Media, and MeetingPulse, and we look forward to working with them.

Elevate your digital event experiences in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about how this partnership could benefit you, contact us or call (877) 975-8265.

Deena Deena

Deena McCloskey, Director of Strategic Engagement

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