Young Kim

Operations & Project Coordinator

Young Kim 600x600

Young joined Worktank in May 2020. As Operations & Project Coordinator, Young coordinates daily operations of our Seattle studio space, organizes key activities and events, and essentially keeps everyone at Worktank in line. Young loves the fast-paced nature of the job, and working with an incredible team of creatives and technologists.

Q&A with Young:

What do you like best about your job?
I love being on the move, and planning events for the team exercises my creative side. Creating fun events for my super awesome co-workers brings me so much joy!

What is the best or worst thing you've ever eaten?
The best thing is the street food in Korea (spicy rice cakes, fresh corndogs, deep-fried tempura). The worst thing would also have to be the street food in Korea because it's torturous to crave it daily knowing that I won't be able to have any unless I get on a plane for 14 hours. I'm also sad to say that I haven't found a Korean restaurant in the states that can closely replicate the taste.

What is the most unusual pet you've owned?
A ferret. I was 12, bored, and had saved enough allowance to purchase one (my parents wouldn't let me get a dog and I thought they'd be fine with a weasel). I remember I walked home with my new furry friend and when my mom opened the door she screamed. My dad was fine with it until it bit his toe. I had a wholesome 48 hours with Ron (what I named him at the time) before my mom made me walk back to Petco and return him.