Migrating to Microsoft Teams from Skype – Worktank Can Help!

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As collaboration and communication tools continue to evolve, another platform shift is taking place.  Are you ready? Microsoft Teams is receiving full support from RedmondMag.com (the independent voice of the Microsoft IT community) as the future of collaboration. Internally, Microsoft is going all-in on the platform, and while it still has room to grow and improve, it has reached a stage of maturity to add value to your internal communications right away.

Why Make the Move to Microsoft Teams?

As a digital event solutions provider, whom regularly assists clients with virtual meetings and webcasts, Worktank is really excited about Microsoft Teams’ enhanced meeting capabilities. In fact, it offers a multitude of features that you won’t find with Skype and other streaming technologies, such as:

  • integrated tools to book and invite groups to a meeting
  • a friendly pre-join screen to set up devices
  • integrated meeting notes

Whether hosting a standard internal meeting, a senior leadership call or a company all-hands meeting, these tools provide an excellent experience for both the presenter and the audience.  In addition, the Microsoft Teams’ technology is robust in other key areas.

Remote Support

When a presentation includes multiple presenters, Microsoft Teams provides a unified experience, regardless of each presenter’s location. Advanced tools make it easy to control presenters and content. When you partner with Worktank, your Event Producer will use these tools to seamlessly switch between the presenters’ audio, webcam and screen-shares to provide an engaging experience for your audience – so your team can focus on presenting.

Broadcast Events

When it’s time to broadcast a message from headquarters to employees around the globe, Microsoft Teams makes it easy to integrate high-quality audio and video feeds and deliver them to thousands of viewers. Worktank can augment the experience with improved cameras, lighting, sound and more to deliver a presentation that sounds great and looks professional.

Worktank Can Help You Embrace Microsoft Teams Technology

Worktank can help you take full advantage of the features of Microsoft Teams and ensure your virtual meetings run smoothly. In addition to expert technical services, we offer assistance with content development, production design, presenter training and more.

As a long-standing Microsoft vendor with decades of digital event experience, Worktank is up to speed and ready to help. To learn more about transitioning to Microsoft Teams, contact us or call 1-877-WRKTANK.

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