Zooming Around the Web: Is it Safe to Use Zoom?

For years, Worktank has successfully supported many of our clients’ events using Zoom. The ease of use, integration features, and video-first focus have made it a go-to platform for public-facing “webinar” style events, as well as internal conference calls and team meetings. Its rise in popularity has been impressive, and not unexpected.

In the current era of social distancing, Zoom has quickly become the #1 platform for staying connected with friends, family, and coworkers. The company grew from 10 million daily users to 200 million seemingly overnight. Impressive indeed!

Zoom Privacy & Security Concerns

At first, Zoom expanded with only intermittent, minor stability issues. However, if you’ve seen the headlines lately, the exponential growth of Zoom has exposed significant security and privacy concerns about the platform. From our seasoned perspective, it appears that sensationalized news articles are outpacing reality. There are issues, but most have relatively simple solutions.

Tom’s Guide has created a comprehensive list of the Zoom security concerns, which is updated as issues are resolved. Zoom’s CEO and founder also issued this executive letter on April 23, which includes Key Zoom Features for Secure Meetings.

The most widely reported issue has been “Zoom bombing,” where a bad actor joins a running Zoom meeting and contributes unwanted or offensive material to the audience. This issue drew a response from the FBI, whose involvement made for some shocking headlines. However, this issue is not technical in nature. It is primarily due to configuration by users who do not know where the security risks lie.

How to Ensure Your Zoom Meetings are Secure

Worktank has more than 20 years of experience in the virtual event industry, supporting Zoom and many other remote online platforms. In fact, we produce multiple online events daily, without incident, using Zoom and other qualified virtual event tools. Because we know technology, and the necessary safeguards as well, we remain confident in Zoom as a reliable, cost-effective tool for virtual event broadcasts.

For organizations planning a virtual event, having a trusted partner to guide your way is essential. We work every day with clients who want to protect their content and ensure their attendees can safely access events. It is core to what we do. As your partner, Worktank will select the most appropriate and secure tools to achieve your goals.

For help planning your next dynamic and secure online event, please contact us or give us a call at 877-975-8265. We’ll discuss your goals, your budget, and your concerns and propose a solution that’s tailored to you.

Deena Deena

Deena McCloskey, Director of Strategic Engagement

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