Video quality has a big impact on the success or failure of a webinar. It also says a lot about your company as a whole. Poor quality videos will have attendees tuning out and turning to a more impressive competitor. Don’t let your competition outdo you! Luckily, by following these few tips your videos will improve dramatically and turn your webinar into a big hit.

Don’t skimp on your webinar’s sound quality.

It may sound odd that our first tip talks about sound. However, sound is probably the most important feature of a high quality video. Think about it, if you had to sit through a webinar which could you forgive more, mediocre video or mediocre sound? If the sound is low, distorted, or has an echo effect you are going to tune out and probably even leave before the webinar is over. An inexpensive microphone combined with running a basic noise-removal filter through the recording usually takes care of most problems. If you are shooting live video, definitely put more thought and funds into ensuring a high sound quality.

Take time to set up proper lighting.

Setting up lighting doesn’t have to be complicated. It just needs to be there. The simple addition of a few lights will drastically improve video quality. If you are recording at your computer, stick a couple of desk lamps behind and around the screen to capture a better picture. Placing a light behind your subject and pointing it away help the subject stand out from the backdrop. It also helps give more depth to the final look. If you are producing webinars or shooting videos on a regular basis, we highly recommend investing in an inexpensive light kit. Your basic light kit starts around $150, but trust us, the investment is worth it.

Pick the right camera.

Most people have access to a laptop or computer with a web camera, however if your computer is more than 2 years old, your web camera is probably not up to snuff. If you fall under this category it will pay to purchase a separate web camera with better video capabilities. This would only set you back around $50 or so. If you have a new iPhone or smartphone, you probably have the option to shoot 4K video with the built in camera for a great picture. Just remember your lighting and sound set up will be very important if you go this route. If you really want to take your video to the next level, upgrading your equipment to a DSLR camera will give you the clearest image and the depth-of-field look that gives the video that increased professional feel. Pricing for a decent DSLR camera starts around $400 and increases dramatically from there.

Steer clear of off-white backdrops.

While it may seem easy and inexpensive to shoot your video in front of an off-white wall, we urge you to steer clear. Filming against this type of background not only looks boring, but often leads to troublesome glares and reflections. Instead choose a solid colored backdrop for better results. An inexpensive way to get a great looking backdrop is to purchase a roll of colored paper background. Using a paper background setup will allow you to shoot literally anywhere and still get a great looking video. All you need to mount the paper is two light stands and a crossbar. However, be wary of the color paper you select. Bright colors like yellow, orange, or red can cause color reflections that are not very flattering. Sticking to muted tones like gray and dark blues is often a safe way to go, however, we encourage companies to experiment with different colors to see what best fits their brand and story.

If shooting your webinar live, enlist the help of professionals.

When you are spending a significant amount of time and resources to produce a webinar, sometimes it makes more sense to leave shooting the video in the hands of professionals. This is doubly important if you are shooting your webinar videos live. In these instances you have no room for error. When you have to get everything perfect the first time around, the cost of a professional video production team is definitely worth it. They have the equipment and know-how to ensure a high quality video on the first take.

You don’t have to jump through hoops to produce a high quality video for your webinar. These tips are easy to implement even on a limited budget and will make a drastic difference in you video quality. Need help taking your webinars to the next level? Worktank’s video production team is here to help. Learn more about the video production services, contact us.

Leslie Leslie

Leslie Rugaber, CEO

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