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To capture your audience’s attention, you need to create a compelling webinar title that is bold, unique and clearly conveys what the webinar is about. That may seem like a tall order, but what we’ve learned over the years is that there are 5 types of webinar titles that outperform the rest.

At Worktank, we work with clients every day to help them find their voice, craft their message and create webinars that deliver insightful, useful information. But if you can’t get people to sign up for your webinar in the first place, none of that matters.

5 Types of Webinar Titles that Boost Registration

According to registration numbers and attendance rates collected over 16 years of webinar experience, these 5 types of webinar titles are the most effective.

Ask a Question

When your title asks a question, it immediately engages your audience in a dialogue – it literally speaks to them. Question headlines not only grab the reader’s attention, they encourage readers to register for your webinar in order to get the answer. Just be careful to only ask questions that provoke the desired response.

Example: How Will the Latest Google Updates Impact Your Website Rankings?

Start with “How To”

Webinar titles that start with “How to” are successful because they immediately tell the audience what is in it for them. They know they are going to learn something, solve a problem or reach a goal with tips and tools that you provide. Bonus points if the title also provides the audience with a timeframe for achieving the end result.

Example: How to Lose 10 lbs. in 10 Days Without Starving Yourself

Use a List

Similar to how to titles, list headlines are powerful because they are benefits-driven. The audience knows right away what they will get out of the webinar, so be specific and communicate the value. To craft a really strong list headline, make sure you use the exact words your customers use to describe their pain points and objectives.

Example: 10 Things to Look for in a Senior Living Community to Ensure a Happy Retirement

Bust a Myth

Myth busting titles eliminate your audience’s most common objections or disprove a commonly held assumption in order to pique interest. For instance, if your target audience frequently laments about not having enough time or money, a webinar headline that challenges their thinking or invalidates their claim is likely to attract curious attendees.

Example: Renovate Your Kitchen in Less than a Week for Under $100

Add the Word “New”

By adding this one little word to your webinar title, you’re able to communicate a multitude of information to your audience. In addition to positioning your webinar content as timely and relevant, the word “new” instantly positions your company as groundbreaking and current. It also creates a sense of urgency and suggests that attendees will gain access to exclusive information that others may not know about yet.

Example: New Facebook Strategies to Get More Likes and Followers

More Webinar Tips & Best Practices

We’ve hosted more than 20,000 webinars and events over the past 16 years and, as a result, we’ve learned a thing or two about webinar best practices. For more webinar tips, check out 3 Ways to Pick a Webinar Topic or find out What Webinar Attendees are Looking For.

Want to create a webinar, but not sure where to start? Worktank provides content development and production design, in addition to technical expertise. Tell us a little bit about yourself or call 1-877-WRKTANK to speak with a webinar specialist.

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