Common Digital Event Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

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You’ve picked the perfect webinar topic, promoted the heck out of it, and registered a record number of attendees, what could possibly go wrong? Right? If you think you’re immune to webinar woes, think again. Here are 5 common digital event mishaps and how to avoid them.

Your Presenter is Unprepared

If your presenter is nervous or unprepared, few audience members will stick around until the end of your digital event, unless of course they enjoy a good train wreck. Even if your presenter is one of those people who is comfortable addressing a crowd, do not underestimate the power of the dress rehearsal. If you’ll be using a slideshow, a mic or other technology and props, have them all handy for the dry-run. Practice won’t ensure the big presentation goes off without a hitch, but it will help your presenter feel prepared and confident.

Nobody Shows Up

Imagine putting all this time and energy into your presentation, only to peek through the stage curtain and find that all the seats in the theater are empty. To ensure that people not only register, but actually attend your webinar or virtual event, make sure you choose a relevant topic and begin advertising at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Don’t forget to use social media to promote your webinar, and make sure to send a reminder to those who have registered on the day of the event. An email even 10-15 minutes before kick-off can significantly improve attendance.

Your Attendees Can’t Get In

Even the most well-intentioned and eager attendees will bail on your virtual event if there are too many barriers to entry. Lost access codes, plug-in requirements and error messages quickly discourage attendees. To make access to your webinar as easy as possible for your attendees, consider simple platforms, like those offered by Worktank, which allows users to easily join through their web browser or by phone.

Your Presentation is Boring

Your audience will decide in the first 30 seconds of your presentation whether they’re going to remain on the edge of their seats or start scrolling through social media. Check out How to Become a More Compelling Presenter and our 7 PowerPoint Tips to ensure your presentation is engaging. Consider using interactive tools and rich media, such as video, polls and more, or enlist the help of Worktank’s Creative Solutions team, if you’re not familiar with these tools.

You Experience Technical Problems

Webinar attendees have come to expect professional, high-quality virtual event experiences. Technical glitches, video lags and audio problems will undermine your reputation and cause your audience to lose interest. Make sure the presenter is comfortable with the technology beforehand and test everything prior to going live. Better yet, allow the speaker to focus on the presentation and use an expert service, like Worktank, to manage the technical tools.

To learn more about Worktank’s digital event solutions, contact us or call 1-877-WRKTANK. In addition to providing expert technical services, we can assist you with the content development and production design, as well as presenter training and more.

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