7 Tips for Epic Video Marketing

Video marketing is no longer a novelty for companies, it’s a necessity. A quick internet search of ‘video marketing statistics’, and you’ll find hundreds of staggering stats on video’s dominance and effectiveness. The simple (and sometimes painful) truth is that, regardless of the type or size of your business, you’re leaving market share on the table if you’re not using video.

Of course, now that everyone is jumping on the video bandwagon, the challenge becomes how to make your videos standout. So we asked our video marketing experts to share their tips for making the best marketing videos.

Expert Tips for the Best Video Marketing

Want to take your video marketing to the next level? Make sure you’re doing the following 7 things.

1. Tell a Good Story

Everyone loves a good story, but remember, it’s not about you, it’s about your audience. Even if it’s a brand video, it needs to have value for the people watching it. Talk about who you help, why you do it and how. Use empathy, and connect the humans in your brand with the humans in your target audience.

2. Make Your Customers the Star

It’s quite possible that the one thing people like even more than a good story is seeing themselves in a video. So give yourself a break from the camera, and encourage your customers to submit videos while using your products or services. Then, post the videos to your social media platforms or website, and watch the sharing begin. It’s video word-of-mouth marketing at its best.

3. Include Tutorials and Demos

Did you know that, on average, people retain 95% more from watching a video than reading text? It’s true, and it’s exactly why you should be using video marketing for product tutorials and demos. These types of videos, as well as product comparison videos, ease customer concerns and answer questions that aid in the decision buying process.

4. Let Your Personality Come Through

It takes vulnerability and courage to step forward and share yourself with the world, but the more real you are, the easier it is for your audience to connect. Think about what sets your business apart and highlight that in your video marketing. If your company culture includes humor, let that come through. Now, more than ever, people want to laugh.

5. Don’t Forget Calls to Action

The biggest mistake companies make when creating a video is they forget to tell viewers what they want them to do. If you want them to follow you on social media or visit your website, let them know. This can be done by a speaker or with text in the video. Never miss the chance to convert!

6. Optimize for the Search Engines

If you want your videos to show up in Google searches for your brand and a particular phrase, you need to optimize your videos, which is a fancy way of saying you need to include those keyword phrases in your video descriptions and captions. You can also use YouTube’s tagging feature to help your videos appear as a “related video” when users watch similar content.

7. Use Subtitles

Okay, so we know we said viewers retain more when they watch a video as opposed to reading, but subtitles and captions are still super important. According to Facebook, some 85% of video is watched without sound, so if you want to make sure that people “hear” your message, you still need to include subtitles. Captions will also increase your video’s reach, as they allow those who are hearing impaired to experience your marketing content, as well.

Need Help with Your Video Marketing?

Video marketing is not easy. In fact, for most companies, it’s kind of scary. At Worktank, our goal is to take the reluctance and fear out of video marketing. We not only provide video production and editing services, but we can assist with your entire video marketing strategy. We offer presenter coaching and content creation, because epic video marketing goes beyond reliable technology, it requires clearly outlined strategic visions and engaging messages.

To learn more about Worktank’s video marketing services, call (877) WRKTANK or contact us.

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