4 Ways to Use Video in Your Online Training

If your company’s online training consists of a basic slide deck, followed by a simple knowledge test, it’s probably time for an update. Video is the perfect medium to break through the monotony and make the training process more interesting and enjoyable for your employees. Plus, video offers higher engagement and better retention (65% better) than text-only training.

To start incorporating videos into your training sessions, check out these 4 suggestions from the video production experts at Worktank.

1. Demos

Which would you rather do, read a 5 page step-by-step guide telling you how to do something, or watch a short video that shows you how to do it? That’s what we thought – most people are going to choose the latter, and your employees are no exception.

Videos are a great way to demonstrate your business procedures. Whether you use screen capture tools to visually document each step in a digital process, or film an employee completing a physical task, your viewers are more likely to comprehend and remember what they’ve learned.

2. Expert Tips

You could highlight vital information in your slides with call-outs, graphics and bold colors, but short video clips with this same information will have a far greater impact, especially when the information is delivered by a person.

Rather than simply outlining your best practices in a PowerPoint, ask seasoned employees to share helpful tips on camera. These short videos will not only add tone and nuance to the words, but they will create a more personal connection to the information, as well as to their fellow colleagues.

3. Short Interviews

Interviews, by nature, have an authoritative quality, which makes employees more likely to “sit up and pay attention”. Unlike written testimonials, which can sometimes come off as contrived, video statements from a company leader or real-life employee are more genuine and believable.

Video interviews used in online training typically include personal anecdotes followed by lessons learned or expert advice. A good technique for capturing these 2-3 minute videos is to discuss a particular topic with the interviewee before shooting, and then ask a question and allow them to respond spontaneously on camera.

4. Video Tours

A virtual tour of your corporate headquarters, retail store or campus is a great way to introduce employees to their new work environment. This is particularly helpful if you have remote-work employees, or if you are virtually onboarding as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you use a professionally produced and edited video, or create your own, a video tour will help employees find their way around, and get to know the various departments and facilities. Something that’s difficult to accomplish with just text and photos.

Need Help Creating Your Training Videos?

At Worktank, we not only provide live and on-demand video production and editing services, but we offer assistance with your entire training video strategy. Our team of training video experts can help you create educational content that both increases attention and retention, and incorporates innovative engagement tools to bring the interactive nature of the physical classroom to virtual learners.

To learn more about Worktank’s training video services, call (877) WRKTANK or contact us.

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Deena McCloskey, Director of Strategic Engagement

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