5 Creative Ways to Increase Engagement at Your Next Virtual Event

Engaging Virtual Events AttendeesIf you have participated in virtual events before, you know that not all are created equal. For various reasons, some are a big hit while others….not so much. Most virtual events, while informative, have a greater purpose of selling a particular product or service. The events that are successful are the ones that go on to have a better return on investment. What makes a virtual event a success? Well, there are numerous pieces that when combined together, make a virtual event great. However, if you think back on your own experiences you will see a trend. The virtual events that kept you hooked and engaged are the ones that have the biggest impact.

So how do you keep an audience engaged when they are spread out all over the country or globe? While it is challenging to read an audience you can’t see, there are several ways to ensure audience engagement. Continue reading

7 Ways to Guarantee Attendance at Your Next Webinar or Webcast


Webinars and webcasts can be very effective for lead generation and moving prospects along in the sales funnel. A lot of planning (and money) goes into these types of virtual events. Careful consideration is given to the content, speaker, delivery, lighting, webinar platform, engagement widgets, etc… However, no matter how much you plan, review, and revise your webinar content, it all means nothing if nobody is there to listen. So how do you guarantee not only an audience but a large enough audience to make the webinar or webcast meet your ROI goals? Continue reading

Which Virtual Events Platform is Best for you?

Virtual Events Platform OptionsVirtual event technology allows businesses to share information, deliver content, connect with employees or clients, and engage in various projects. Like any type of technology, the virtual event platform you choose to conduct your meetings plays an important role in its success. Features and prices vary from provider to provider, so you should spend time analyzing which platform will meet your needs best. At Worktank we have spent years testing out and working with a wide variety of virtual event platforms. This allows us to give clients insights into what works and what doesn’t based on specific business goals. Below are six of our favorite platforms for virtual events: Continue reading

Preventing Virtual Events Production Nightmares

Is your company just getting started with virtual events! Congrats! Virtual events have become an affordable, time-saving tool that can help many companies achieve their business goal. So whether you are looking to improve inter-company communications, train employees, or generate leads, virtual events are a great solution. However, whether you are conducting a webinar, product training, or all-hands company meeting, it is crucial that your virtual event run smoothly. Poor execution during the virtual events production stage can spell disaster, and result in losing valuable customers. Some common virtual event nightmares include: Continue reading

Why Choose Worktank to Produce Your Next Virtual Event

When it comes to producing virtual events, selecting the right company can be a daunting task. If you produce a fair amount of online events, you probably already have various virtual event production companies clamoring for your attention and your business. So what makes Worktank stand out from the crowd?

1. Founded from Video Production Roots
That’s right, back before virtual events were a thing we were hard at work as a video production company. Our reputation for producing high quality videos and efficiently capturing a company’s message made expanding into virtual event production a breeze. After all, when you are dealing with a virtual audience, presentation is everything. Our background allows us to give clients recommendations on everything from presenter attire to lighting and camera angles. Our attention to even the smallest visual details will help turn your virtual event into a success.

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The Power of Corporate Video Production

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Video is a powerful tool that can easily tell the story of your company and its products and services to the people who work for you or to your valuable customers. This method of visual storytelling has proven to be an increasingly powerful way to explain your value proposition, build relationships, and share ideas. Video is so powerful that according to a Cisco study, by 2019 video will account for 80% of all internet traffic. Continue reading

What NOT To Wear For Your Webinar

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When shooting a webinar, the camera may love you, but it could still end up hating your outfit, if you don’t choose your clothing and accessories wisely. What dazzles the eye in person can take on far more negative on-screen qualities, causing myriad distractions and technical difficulties.

What you wear for your webinar can have a crucial impact on how your message is absorbed by viewers. And while dressing for webinar success isn’t quite a science, there are several key points to consider when putting together your ensemble. They include: Continue reading

Webinar Best Practices: 3 Ways to Make Your Next Webinar More Successful

Webinar Best Practices

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Webinars are an excellent tool for any organization that needs to share information easily over a long distance. However, some webinars are more successful and productive than others. Follow these webinar best practices to make your next webinar more successful.

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4 Ways to Connect with a Remote Audience and Keep Them Engaged

Have you ever wondered if your webcast attendees are actually watching your presentation or if you’re just speaking into the ether? Whether attending from home or an office, people are busy and have a million distractions. So how do you keep them engaged and away from their inbox or wandering down the hall to get a piece of birthday cake from the break room? Here are 4 effective ways to keep your remote audience engaged: Continue reading